Jewels are presented to brethren for various achievements, and on different occassions.

The most commonly presented jewel is the Past Master’s Jewel that every brother who has ruled the lodge in the past, is entitled to wear. The Jewels are usually engraved with the PM’s name and his year in chair on the back.

The Past Masters are entitled to wear their PM Jewel at all lodge meetings. But once they have been conferred a Grand Rank, they can no longer wear their PM jewel.

Some Past Masters return their PM Jewel to the Lodge for being reused.

On other occasions, when a Past Master ascends to the Grand Lodge Above, his family may decide to donate his Jewels to the Lodge.

Here you will find some of the Jewels that belong to the Derajat Lodge, and which are customarily in the safekeeping of the Secretary.

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